Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) Tiki Mug Surfaces From Haven Cove Customs

Image by Haven Cove Customs via Instagram

    Not all treasure’s silver and gold, mate. Some treasure is ceramic, like the new Sparrow tiki mug being released by Haven Cove Customs. The mug depicts Captain Jack Sparrow from Disney’s hit movie franchise Pirates of the Caribbean

    Sparrow will come in three distinct glazes including Matte Grey, Matte Red, and Moss Matte Green. Each mug will be a Limited Edition of 100, except for the green glaze which is even more limited at 50 mugs. All mugs will be numbered and stamped. They hold approximately 20 fl. oz. of cocktail, but that may not stop you from asking “Why is the rum gone?”

    Haven Cove Customs is a company founded by Brad and Sara, a military family, that specializes in small batch ceramic tiki mugs. They recently finished firing the last of the Dead Mans Mug, a sold-out mug depicting Davy Jones, also from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

    This Pirates of the Caribbean themed tiki mug goes on sale Friday, December 4th at 6:00pm CST. Half of each glaze edition will ship prior to December 16th, with remaining mugs shipping the last week of February. Sparrow retails for $125 and will be available via the official Haven Cove Customs website.

    We imagine it wont take long for these mugs to sell out, and those “bloody pirates!” to list them on eBay.


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