Keiki Bob by Tiki tOny

Keiki Bob Cermaic Mug Concept Art by Tiki tOny

Image by Tikiland Trading Co. via Website

    This isn’t The Child you fell in love with watching The Mandalorian, but it sure looks like him! Keiki Bob is the new tiki mug announced by artist Tiki tOny in collaboration with Tikiland Trading Co. While the sculpt has not been officially released yet, the design shows Keiki Bob wearing a green tapa pattern cloak and holding a coconut mug. He has oversized eyes, a small mouth and protruding ears.

    This mug will stand at about 7″ tall, which is about the same height as the Shrunken Grump mug designed by Tiki tOny last winter. If the capacity size is similar, Keiki Bob should hold around 14 fl. oz. of your favorite Galaxy’s Edge inspired cocktail.

    The mug is being offered at an initial preorder price of $69, which could increase to the retail price of $95 at any time. While the edition size for this mug has not been specified, we recommend preordering the mug if you want to save yourself some coin down the road. 

    This mug is expected to ship late Summer 2020. More of Tiki tOny’s work can be viewed here.


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