Keiki Bob by Tikiland Trading Co. is Delayed

Image by Tikiland Trading Co. via Facebook

    Folks excited to receive their Keiki Bob tiki mug from Tikiland Trading Co. will have to wait a little longer than anticipated. The mug was originally scheduled to ship late Summer of 2020, but Tiki tOny recently announced a delay via Instagram.

    The official update reads: “Keiki Bob update: We’ve worked on 4 artists proofs so far but they’re not perfect just yet, so we’ve got a couple more in the kiln and fingers crossed that we love them! We expect to be able to share the glaze combination we’re going with very soon! Here’s a shot of the Keiki Bob tiki mug in black and white to give you an idea of what it looks like… minus our final glaze choice of course.

    Expertly sculpted by the talented Tom Thordarson.

     Originally Keiki Bob was supposed to start shipping by late summer (late August/September), however due to the pandemic we’ve been thrown a few curve balls which only came to light recently. As of right now we believe we’re on track to start shipping them in mid-October. We’ll keep you updated if this anticipated timeline gets any further delayed. As always, you can view the production status for all of our tiki mugs, and still get one of these by visiting”

    While the update from Tiki tOny directs people to Tikiand Trading Co.’s website for details, Tikiland’s website has not been updated with the delay. The delay was announced three days ago. Both the product page for Keiki Bob and the shipping status page indicate the mug is still expected to ship late Summer of 2020. 

    You can view our original announcement of Keiki Bob here.

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