Kreature Trophy Tiki Mug by BigToe Depicts Shrunken Head of Creature from the Black Lagoon

Image by BigToe via Facebook

    Kreature Trophy, the latest Tiki mug from BigToe Productions, depicts the shrunken head of The Creature from the Black Lagoon! It has been sculpted by the incredibly talented artist THOR and is in production now by Tiki Bauer out of California.

    The Tiki mug pays homage to the Ren Clark Severed Head mug from the Polynesian Village with its design. Kreature Trophy will be limited to 150 mugs and each Tiki mug will be signed and numbered. The mug will also come packaged with a PNG Arrowhead swizzle and a cocktail recipe card by Justin Oliver of the Bamboo Club. BigToe teased Kreature Trophy during our interview for 13 Nights of Tiki Frights. If you missed it, you can watch the interview here.

    Big Toe, also known as Tom Laura, was born in Los Angeles and lives in Southern California. In addition to designing Tiki mugs, Big Toe has created apparel and designs for numerous surf companies, such as Quicksilver, O’Neill and Op. He is known for his acrylic paintings.

    An official sale date is imminent but has not yet been announced. Follow BigToe on Instagram for updates.

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