Limited Edition Piña Cannon Mini Mugs By Taboo Relics Go On Sale June 13

Image by Taboo Relics Tiki via Instagram

    Those that missed out on the first release of the Taboo Relics Piña Cannon cocktail mugs will be excited to know a new version debuts tomorrow. The completely re-sculpted cannons are limited to an edition size of 75.

    The updated Piña Cannon cocktail mugs have a capacity of 10 fl. oz. They have a matte finish and a uniform color, with a yellow interior.

   Taboo Relics creates original cocktail mugs and artwork out of Orlando, Florida. It is the creative brainchild of Franky Edwin. It is well known for its Hibiscus Purse mug featuring flowers with a bamboo-style handle. The official Taboo Relics Instagram can be viewed here.

    Piña Cannon officially goes on sale Sunday, June 13, at 2:00pm PDT and 5:00pm EST. It retails for $80 plus shipping. Mugs can be purchased on the official website of Taboo Relics.

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