Little Puff by TikiRob

Pufferfish Glazed by TikiRob

Image by TikiRob via Instagram

    Take a look at Little Puff, the new pufferfish tiki mug by TikiRob! The mug depicts a smiling pufferfish in an engorged state with multicolored spots and little fins.

    The proceeds of these mugs will go toward TikiRob’s kids, who are out of work. They will retail for $80 each.

    10 Little Puff tiki mugs will go on sale tomorrow, June 5, at 12:00pm PST on TikiRob’s official shop. Each mug has a unique glaze and color, and will be available in green, orange and pink. They are available for preview now. We can almost guarantee these mugs will sell out quickly, so if you hope to snag one we recommend setting an alarm on your phone.

    An avid collector of tiki mugs, TikiRob turned his dream of creating his own tiki mugs into reality in 2009. He is based out of Maui and produces both extremely limited and open edition ceramics and is known for his elaborate and highly detailed glaze work. 

    The Little Puff tiki mugs are an open edition, so if you miss out on the first full run there is still hope for the future. 

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