Ride Vehicle Mugs from Tiki Diablo and THOR

Doom Muggy Concept Art

Image by Tiki Diablo via Instagram

Tiki Town Mug Sculpt

Image by THOR via Instagram

    In case you missed it, two tiki mugs inspired by ride vehicles were recently unveiled. The first is the Doom Muggy, a Haunted Mansion inspired tiki mug by Tiki Diablo. The second is an original concept by THOR named Tiki Town.

    The Doom Muggy is being produced by Tahiti Gil and Tahiti Felix, in addition to Tiki Diablo. Tiki Diablo recently collaborated with Tahiti Felix on their 70th Anniversary Mug, which sold out. Although a sculpt has not yet been released for the Doom Muggy, the concept art is already getting people excited! The mug is expected to release this Fall.

    Another tiki mug sculpted like a ride vehicle was revealed by THOR. His version, dubbed Tiki Town, features two passengers in a tiki inspired vehicle. The back of the cart has a groaning tiki with horizontal almond shaped eyes. His version is a little further along with sculpts already in progress, although THOR noted the final version will likely be 10% smaller than his current prototype.

    THOR plans to write a fictitious backstory and create a ride concept painting to coincide with the release of his Tiki Town mugs.

    Pre-orders are not yet available and final mug designs have not yet been revealed. Be sure to keep an eye out for updates on our mug announcements page.

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