Lost River’s House Mug By Hamtramck Ceramck Now Available In A Glossy Purple Glaze

Image by Lost River via Instagram

    Lost River, a tiki bar based in Detroit, introduced a new Limited Edition lavender glaze of its house cocktail mug. The tiki mug was handmade in the United States by the artists at Hamtramck Ceramck. It is the second edition of a mug first released in 2018.

    The original run had a total of 40 mugs, and this new lavender purple glaze is the same. Since some of the mugs are used in house at the bar, even less are available for purchase. The mug depicts a Tiki with gritted teeth and downturned eyebrows. It is a traditionally shaped, cylindrical cocktail mug.

    Hamtramck Ceramck is an artist collective/commercial enterprise co-founded in 2014 by Ben Saginaw, Amber Locke, and Patrick Quinn.

    The Lost River tiki mug can be purchased now via their official website. Each mug retails for $150 and less than a dozen of the mugs remain.

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