Presale For Last Volcanic Vapors Mugs Featuring White Tops and Bottoms Is This Sunday

Image by VanTiki via Facebook

    The final Volcanic Vapor mugs, featuring a white top and bottom, go on sale this Sunday. VanTiki’s latest cocktail mugs come in two unique glazes and feature a sinister spin on the classic lava lamp. The “lava” portion of each mug forms a skull.

    Volcanic Vapors is being offered as a presale, which means the mugs will ship as they are completed. The first 25 mugs will ship right away and there will be 50 mugs total with the white top and base. The edition of 50 is split between Magma Orange and Sulfuric Green glazes, and unlike the first batch of Volcanic Vapors which were shipped at random, each color can be purchased separately. The total edition size (including the first 200 mugs with glitter glaze top and bottoms) is 250.

    Each cocktail mug stands about 10½” tall and will comfortably hold around 9 fl. oz. of your favorite mixed drink. If the mug isn’t traveling far, you can push the capacity as high as 10 fl. oz.

    Volcanic Vapors are handmade in the United States and cost $175, which does not include shipping or taxes. Volcanic Vapors goes on sale Sunday, January 31st, at 12:00pm PST. You will be able to purchase the mug via VanTiki’s official web store.

    Are you hoping to score a magma orange or sulfuric green glazed mug?

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