Marquesan Idol Ring of Fire Edition by Hidden Harbor

Image by Hidden Harbor via Facebook

    The latest Tiki Diablo/Hidden Harbor collaboration has a new edition on the way! The Ring of Fire edition of the Marquesan Idol mug features a multi-tone glaze of red and yellow. The darker colors are toward the bottom of the mug, giving the mug the illusion of light, or fire, rising up from a drum. The mug is designed to accommodate both fire and dry ice effects.

    Here are the release details as described by Hidden Harbor: “For the benefit of our local folks, we’ll be pre-releasing the mug this Thursday for dine-in (or rather, dine-outside) guests only. Reservations may be made on our website. Then, starting Friday when we open for takeout at 11:30 a.m., mugs will also be available to order for takeout from the Independent website (along with cocktails, mocktails, food, and more). Finally, next Monday, August 10 at noon ET, any remaining mugs will go up in our web store.”

    This edition is limited to a total number of 75 mugs and will retail for $125. The proceeds go toward supporting Hidden Harbor during their unexpected closures surrounding COVID-19. Mugs will be limited to one per person and Hidden Harbor’s usual anti-mug flipping policies wil appy.

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