Monsters in Bumper Cars Will Soon Be A New Cocktail Mug Series By Biggs Tiki

Image by Biggs Tiki via Instagram

    Biggs Tiki just announced the first in a series of new cocktail mugs based on monsters. The mug is named the Creature Bumper Car, and it depicts the Creature from the Black Lagoon cruising around in a bumper car. By the looks of a smashed headlight on the car, the Creature isn’t great at driving.

    While additional monsters have not yet been announced, Mike Biggs teased the possibility of more monster mugs on his Instagram. It is possible that someday Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, a werewolf, and others, may join the fray. We personally would love to see the Mummy unraveling as his bumper car suffers damage.

    Biggs Tiki creates original ceramic tiki mugs with a love for fantasy, sci-fi, horror, low brow humor, and nerd culture. It is the creative brain child of Mike Biggs, who has experience as a freelance graphic design artist as a tattoo artist.

    The Creature Bumper Car mug is likely still a ways off as a glaze has not yet been revealed, but the 3D sculpt is already looking great. When the mug does eventually go on sale, we imagine it will be available through the official website of Biggs Tiki. Which monster would you most want to see join the Creature in a bumper car?


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