Mouth of the Serpent By MONDO Available in Two New Glazes

Images by MONDO via their Website

    The folks at MONDO have been releasing lots of new glazes for their ceramic tiki mugs! The latest design to get the glaze treatment is the Mouth of the Serpent tiki mug originally designed by Urban Aztec, also known as Jesse Hernandez. The mug is now available in two new variants; Bone and Emperor’s Blood.

    The Bone glaze is a two-tone brown and is limited to 515 pieces. It is slightly less expensive ($30) than the Emperor’s Blood variant ($35) which features a deep crimson glaze and is limited to 490 pieces. Both mugs are available to order immediately and are expected to ship within 3-5 business days.

    Previous editions of the mug include the 1st Edition with a brown/turquoise glaze ($25) and the Aztec Gold variant ($30) which are also available. All four versions measure approximately 6″ in height and weight about 2 lbs. 

    Mondo is an American design company that is famous for its limited edition tiki mugs, collectibles and screen printed posters. It was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Many of the tiki mugs Mondo has produced over the years feature prominent characters from some of the world’s biggest films and television series and they are working on an ongoing designer artist series of mugs.

    Those looking to order the new glazes of the Mouth of the Serpent tiki mug can do so now via MONDO’s official website.

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