New Merchandise Announced By Tikiland Trading Co. Inspired By Tiki Tony’s Cannibal Of Doom

Images by Tikiland Trading Co. via their website

    Aloha shirts, art prints, masks, and stickers, are just some of the new products announced by Tikiland Trading Co. A whole new line of merchandise depicting Tiki tOny’s Cannibal of Doom Tiki Mug, featuring imagery reminiscent of Indiana Jones, is available for preorder. The mug itself has sold out.

     Cannibal of Doom aloha shirts are available in both unisex and women’s styles. They retail for $85 each and are expected to ship in July of this year. A t-shirt is also available, featuring a head salesman holding Tiki tOny’s Cannibal of Doom cocktail mug. The t-shirt costs $32 and ships June, 2021.

    A companion art piece named “Adventure Monkey and the Golden Idol” is ready to ship and costs $41. It is also available as an autographed gallery canvas giclée for $250, which includes US shipping. Stickers are also available ($8.50 each), along with Cannibal of Doom face masks ($18) and Mai Tai glasses ($45). 

    Tiki tOny is a well known artist who designs tiki mugs out of his beachcomber shack in partnership with Tikiland Trading Co. He organizes the Adventureland Day event at Disneyland and he also organizes charity events featuring his famous Adventureland Rover.

    Tikiland Trading Co.’s newest product line is available for preorder now via their official website. The Cannibal of Doom mug itself has shipped and those who preordered the mug should see their order delivered soon.

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