New Moai Mug by TikiPop Coming Soon

Image by TikiPop via Instagram

    TikiPop is putting his own unique spin on the Moai mug. Each Moai will have long, gauged ears and a wide base with custom engravings. They feature straight expressions with stern looking eyebrows and an elongated nose.

    A glaze has not yet been revealed, but we guess each mug will look a little different. TikiPop is know for creating one-of-a-kind, unique mugs. “TiKiPOP” is written on the bottom of the mug with raised, bold lettering. At least 18 of the mugs were shown on Instagram and many of them are apt to go on sale soon. When they do, you’ll be able to purchase one via his website. You’ll have to be quick, though.

    TikiPop crafts custom Island-Kine tiki mugs by hand on the island of Maui. People also know him by the name of his store, Beachbumz. Are you hoping to add one of these mugs to your collection?

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