FezBot5000 is the Latest Mug by Taboo Relics

Image by Taboo Relics Tiki via Instagram

    Introducing the tiki mug of the future, the FezBot5000! Taboo Relics describes the mug as the “perfect assistant droid to have at your Bachelor Pad.” The mug depicts an attractive female robot wearing a fez hat.

    The mug has an overall grey glaze, with red accents and a red fez. The robot is depicted with long, curly hair and the letter “B” covers her eyes. She is well endowed and “fluent in over six million cocktails”. Pricing and edition size have not yet been revealed, but we know the mug is being made by Taboo Relics.

    FezBot5000 will be available soon through Bachelor Pad Magazine, a magazine designed for fans of the Atomic Age lifestyle! It features booze, babes, and burly-q (since 2007).

    Will you be securing the FezBot5000 for your home tiki bar?


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