New Pumpkin Mug By Biggs Tiki Might Arrive By Halloween

Image by Biggs Tiki via Instagram

    Mike Biggs is throwing his hands into the Halloween tiki craze with his next mug, the untitled Biggs Tiki Halloween 2020 Mug. Recently announced via Instagram, the new tiki depicts a rotting jack-o-lantern carved with a skeleton’s face. 

    Additional details on the sculpt include a centipede crawling out of a hole depicted on the mug’s backside. Ooze reminiscent of the Goosebumps logo drips from the top of the pumpkin and vines crawl up its side.

    The 2020 Halloween tiki mug was designed and printed in 3D and will be molded soon. Biggs Tiki is hoping to have a batch completed by Halloween. Only the grey 3D print has been revealed so far, so the final glaze is still unknown.

    Those hoping to secure a 2020 Halloween mug for their collection should follow Biggs Tiki on Instagram for updates. Jungle Modern Ceramics also released a jack-o-lantern mug this year, but their version takes after a coconut.

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