New Papua New Guinea Style Trader Sam’s Mug Arrives Despite Bar Closure

Image by Jimmy Sarun

    While we are anxious for Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar and Grog Grotto to reopen, we don’t have to wait for a new mug. A new goblet just debuted at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort in Orlando, Florida.

    The new mug features a shiny brown glaze with a Papua New Guinea style face mask sticking its tongue out on the front side. The back of the mug is marked with the words “Trader Sam’s.” A tropical flower decorates the top of the Trader Sam’s logo. The bottom of the mug says “©Disney Made in Thailand FAC-014182-20115”, with the Disney castle logo.

    You can pick up one of the new mugs for $22.99 at BouTiki. The mug has been selling out off and on, but was recently restocked. The resort remains closed until Summer of 2021 except to Disney Vacation Club members as it is remodeled to include Moana accents. If you want to score a mug, you may need a dining reservation in order to access the store in the Polynesian Village Resort.

    Are you excited for the new Trader Sam’s mug release?

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One Comment New Papua New Guinea Style Trader Sam’s Mug Arrives Despite Bar Closure

  1. We’ve been able to visit the resort via the monorail after a day at Magic Kingdom. It is not too far from the MK parking lot so we just walk from the resort afterward.

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