New Stone Brewing Collection Designed By McBiff Includes Aloha Shirt, Tote, And Tiki Mug

Image by McBiff via Facebook

    A new collection of Tiki-inspired wares was announced for Stone Brewing Company. The merchandise features original artwork from McBiff, who designed an Aloha shirt, tote bag, and Tiki mug for Stone Brewing. The mug was manufactured by Tiki Farm.

    The Stone Brewing Aloha shirt features various shades of green, with orange and white accents. Imagery includes Moai heads, skulls, scorpions, volcanos, diving helmets, and flowers. It was manufactured in the United States.

    McBiff also designed some new purple and orange box art for Stone Brewing which should start appearing in stores within a few weeks. It is for their Tiki Escape Mixed Pack of beers, which includes Buenaveza Salt and Lime Lager, Tangerine Express Hazy IPA, Scorpion Bowl IPA, and Vengeful Spirit IPA.

    The collection goes on sale Friday, May 14, at 10:00am PDT and 1:00pm EST. It will be available through the official website of Stone Brewing. Since Stone Brewing sells alcohol, the website is restricted to those of legal drinking age.

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