Oakwash Announces Official Sale Date for Kauila, Great Stone Dragon, And Liki Tiki II Mugs

Images by Oakwash via Instagram

    On April 2, Oakwash will be releasing preorders for four new mugs, including his Kauila mug. Kauila depicts the shell of a turtle with Polynesian inspired carvings on the underside of the shell. The Great Stone Dragon, Liki Tiki II, and the Second Edition of Sleeping Beauty will also be available.

     Kauila will be available in two glazes. The Oakwash Wave glaze will be a limited edition of 350 mugs for $130. The Te Kā (Lava) edition will be a more limited run of 50 mugs for $200 each. Both editions are expected to ship no later than September 2021 and will be made in the United States.

    Great Stone Dragon’s name is loosely based on Mulan, but the mug depicts a Polynesian-inspired twist on a lost relic unearthed after many years. It will be available in a stone glaze and is going to be an edition of 200. Great Stone Dragon retails for $125 and is expected to ship no later than June, 2021.

    The Second Edition of Sleeping Beauty will be available in a new Oakwash Wave glaze (similar to the glaze on the Kauila mug). It will be a limited edition of 50 mugs for $125 each and is expected to ship by the end of June, 2021.

    Liki Tiki II is inspired by the water squirting Tikis found in Disney’s Adventureland. The first version sold out quickly, and so Oakwash has decided to rerelease it for his mug collectors. Liki Tiki II comes in Bone White (LE 100), Mossy Green (LE 100), and Lava Stone (LE 25). It will cost between $130-$200, depending on the glaze, and it is expected to ship no later than September, 2021.

    For more information on Omar Girona’s mugs, we recommend checking out the official Oakwash Instagram. All four designs will go on sale April 2 at 9:00am PST and 12:00pm EST via the official website of Oakwash. If multiple mugs are preordered through the Oakwash website, a separate shipping charge will be applied to each mug because each mug ships separately.

    Which design are you the most excited for? Let us know in the comments!

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