The Black Lagoon Room Is Cooking Up Another New Cocktail Mug And It Appears To Be On Fire

Images by The Black Lagoon Room via Facebook

    The Black Lagoon Room has been cooking up something new! They just revealed concept art for an upcoming cocktail mug named “What’s Cookin’?” The mug depicts a skull engulfed in flames over a traditional wood campfire. It will be available in two unique glazes, including a bone-shakin’ white glaze with cream, brown logs, and red and orange flames, as well as a creepy cauldron black glaze with dark grey, a black wash, and an orange interior.

    What’s Cookin’? features a moveable metal handle and it is inspired by the classic Mauna Loa Detroit Cannibal Cauldron mug. The mugs may even have one golden tooth. Skeleton arm swizzle sticks will come packaged with the mugs.

    The Black Lagoon Room is the home Tiki bar and business of Pete Klockau. They design Tiki mugs, enamel pins, patches, t-shirts, and more. They are probably best known for their Thirsty Creature mug produced by Tiki Diablo.

    A release date for What’s Cookin’? has not yet been announced. More information will be shared at a later date on The Search for Tiki, as well as the official Instagram of The Black Lagoon Room

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