Rummy Mummy by Biggs Tiki

Rummy Mummy Tiki Mug Design

Image by Bigss Tiki via Instagram

    Mike Bigg’s new kickstarter campaign has officially been announced via Instagram. His latest tiki mug design, the Rummy Mummy, will go on sale July 11th, 2020. 

    The mug depicts a smug mummy covered in burial wrappings with elongated fingers (like Nosferatu) and triangular teeth. It appears to come in two glazes- a bone white glaze with a teal interior and a tan/green glaze with a red interior. 

    The kickstarter campaign will feature a clever video describing the tiki mug as “dying of thirst [and] brought back to live, party, and drink!” If you’re anxious, you can watch the video ahead of time via the @biggsstudio Instagram.

    We’re big fans of House of Tabu’s Nefertiki and Tut, Tut, Drink Up mugs, and we’re excited to see some other Egyptian-inspired tiki mugs being released. Will you be adding a Rummy Mummy to your collection? 

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