Two New Glazes for Haunted Spirits

Haunted Spirits tiki mugs in Wood and Stone Glazes

Image by Lost Temple Traders via Instagram

    The Haunted Spirits tiki mugs by Lost Temple Traders are being offered in two new glazes! These mugs offer a fresh spin on the famous stretching portraits found in Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction. Lost Temple Traders describes them as “part New Orleans voodoo and part Island deity”.

   The new glazes are “Wood” for the Dynamite mug and “Stone” for the Tombstone mug. Both glazes go on sale this Wednesday, July 1 at 8:00 AM PST on the official Lost Temple Traders website.

    Previous Haunted Spirit mugs were limited to an edition of 250 each. As a set these mugs will cost $115 shipped, or they will cost $65 shipped when purchased separately. The expected ship date is Fall 2020. These mugs are being produced by Munktiki Imports.

    Have you purchased any of the other Haunted Spirits mugs and will you be adding these new ones to your collection?

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