Seer Of UnTruth Cocktail Mug Uncovered By Archeologists At House Of Tabu And Arriving 2021

Images by Ken Holewczynski of House of Tabu

    House of Tabu has become well known for their Egyptian-inspired cocktail mugs. They just revealed a new design named the Seer of UnTruth, which depicts an upside-down Pyramid atop a sand dune supported by scarabs. The smoking baboon secret society “Golden Fez” logo is displayed prominently on the front of the mug. 

    Designed by Ken Holewczynski of House of Tabu, Seer of UnTruth is being manufactured by Munktiki Imports. Pricing and edition size have not yet been revealed, but the mug is expected to arrive later this year (2021).

    Seer of UnTruth will join the ranks of Tut, Tut, Drink Up and Nefertiki, both of which were also released by House of Tabu. Founded in 2017, the House of Tabu painstakingly designs and creates mysterious tiki mugs and fanciful glassware alluding to faraway lands.

    A “See of UnTruth” pin was also revealed alongside the mug. Are you excited to travel back to Ancient times? Both the mug and the pin will most likely go on sale via House of Tabu’s Official Website later in 2021.

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