Sleeping Beauty Tiki Mug by Oakwash

Image by Oakwash via Facebook

    An all-new, original design was recently revealed by Omar of Oakwash. His latest mug, titled Sleeping Beauty, depicts an open-mouthed tiki with its eyes closed. Vertical carving accents give the mug the appearance of wood and age. 

    Not much has been revealed about the mug, and a sale date has not been announced. A glaze is still to be determined. Omar did announce he is going full time with mug production. He is currently filing orders from his most recent presale, but hopefully we will be seeing some Sleeping Beauty mugs go live soon too.

    Oakwash, founded in 2015, is a design studio headed by Omar Girona. It designs and produces ceramic tiki mugs and many of its designs are inspired by Adventureland from the Disney theme parks.

    What do you think of that latest design from Oakwash?

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