Smuggler’s Cove Pufferfloat Mug Set Available With Online Shipping Starting Tuesday

Image by Smuggler’s Cove via Instagram

    Back in December, Smuggler’s Cove officially announced their final mug release of 2020, which was designed by Tiki tOny of Tikiland Trading Co. The Pufferfloat Tiki mug set was initially sold for in-person pick-up only, but the remaining inventory will soon be sold online with shipping. 

    The seventh Smuggler’s Cove COVID mug is a tribute to a historic icon– the pufferfloat! Two iconic elements of mid-century Tiki design are combined in the pufferfloat by putting a pufferfish inside of a glass float. Each set includes one pufferfish cocktail mug, a hand-woven and netted 8″ glass bowl, blended black aquarium sand with blue glass spheres, and an adoption certificate for the fish.

    Pufferfloat is a Limited Edition of 100 mugs and mugs will be limited to one per person. It initially went on sale December 8th, 2020, in celebration of Smuggler’s Cove’s 11th anniversary, but starting next Tuesday, January 19th at 10:00am PST and 1:00pm EST the mug will be available online with shipping. Due to the fragile and multi-piece nature of these sets, shipping to the East coast is expected to run quite high.

    If you can’t wait until Tuesday, the first mug in the limited edition is being auctioned on eBay. Otherwise, the mug sets will be sold via the official Smuggler’s Cove website.

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