Swirly Bob Tiki Mug Combines Pineapple Flavored Soft Serve Ice Cream With Tiki Bob

Image by Lost Temple Traders via Facebook

    Lost Temple Traders has officially announced the release of their Swirly Bob Tiki mug, a design that combines Adventureland’s pineapple flavored soft serve ice cream with the pop-culture icon Tiki Bob. Originally announced back in April of 2019, the Swirly Bob mug has been one of the most anticipated Tiki mug releases of the past year.

    Swirly Bob tiki mug comes in two flavors; a pineapple glaze and a swirl glaze. Each variant retails for $65, which includes shipping, but a discount will apply for a “double scoop” offering when both mugs are purchased together. The combo will retail for $115 shipped, for a savings of $15 (which could be applied to an actual dole whip when Disneyland eventually reopens). 

    The new mug is being produced by Munktiki Imports. Each variant will have an initial offering of 250 mugs and may be capped off at that edition size, for a total of 500 mugs. Swirly Bob is initially being offered as a presale, but the shipping window is expected to be short.

    Lost Temple Traders, founded in 2018, sells both limited edition tiki mugs and collectible pins. Their products feature iconic images from adventure stories, including traveling headhunters and camp raiding monkeys. When available, tiki mugs can be purchased through their website.

    Swirly Bob will be available for presale on Friday, January 15, at 9:00am PST and 12:00pm EST via the official website of Lost Temple Traders. You can add it to your wishlist on The Search for Tiki here.


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