Watch Out for the New Mug by Haven Cove Customs

Image by Haven Cove Customs via Instagram

    Something wicked is coming! A Haunted Mansion inspired tiki mug, that is. This one is being produced by Haven Cove Customs and it is one of the more detailed Halloween-inspired mugs we’ve seen.

    The untitled mug depicts the chilling bust of a ghoul with one eye open and a raised eyebrow. It also features sunken-in cheekbones and widely spaced teeth. The mug is being prepped for October, 2020 and will eventually go on sale via Haven Cove Custom’s official website.

    Haven Cove Customs is a company founded by Brad and Sara, a military family, that specializes in small batch ceramic tiki mugs. They recently finished firing the last of the Dead Mans Mug, a sold-out mug depicting Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

    Will this new mug be materializing in your collection?

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