Squid’s Tiki Travelers Mug Set Includes Two Mugs And Is Coming To Tiki Bauer This Saturday

Limited Edition (Brown)

Open Edition

Images by of Squid and Tiki Bauer

    Maybe your vacation plans have been thwarted, but these two jet-setters have been globetrotting with reckless abandon aboard Bauer International Airlines! What’s their final destination? The Captain and The Tourist are landing right on your doorstep bearing souvenirs of their tropical travels!

   Squid’s Tiki Travelers Mug Set is a new Limited Edition collaboration with Tiki Bauer. It includes two mugs. The first mug depicts a tiki-style flight captain holding a steering wheel, and the second mug depicts a tiki-style traveler holding a camera and surrounded by luggage. Both are wearing hats and feature a glossy brown glaze.

Each set includes:

  • The Captain Tiki Mug (9” tall)
  • The Tourist Tiki Mug (8.75” tall)
  • Signed and numbered pilot’s ID and baggage claim tag
  • Bauer International Airlines pilot’s wings
  • Tourist vinyl auto decal
  • A genuine vintage matchbook from an exotic port of call
  • Surprise snapshots of island adventures

    The Tiki Traveler’s Mug Set will also come in a custom printed box and if you miss this flight there’s one coming up immediately after! The Limited Edition will be followed by an Open Edition featuring a grey glaze. 

    Squid, also known as Dave Cohen, is a sculptor of Tiki mugs, an illustrator, a type designer, and a musician. He has sculpted over 200 mugs.

    Bauer Pottery was founded in Kentucky, but is now based out of Los Angeles, California. They produce a variety of ceramics, including Tiki mugs, dinnerwear and petware. Their foray into Tiki mugs began in December of 2007 with the introduction of several mugs, such as Surfer Girl, Big Mouth and Two Face.

    Those hoping to add this new mug set to their collection will be able to do so this Saturday at 8:00am PST and 11:00am EST via Tiki Bauer’s official website. In the meantime, we recommend subscribing to their newsletter.

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