Stay Out of the Forest Cracked Skull Mug By Shima Ceramics Available For Preorder

Image by Shima Ceramics via Instagram

    A new skull Tiki mug, named Stay Out of the Forest, was recently announced by Shima Ceramics. It was designed for fans of the true crime comedy podcast “My Favorite Murder”, hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, and it depicts a cracked human skull featuring carvings of trees.

    “STAY OUT OF THE FOREST” is written on the back of this Tiki mug. The outside is a matte off-white with dark brown and green details. The top of this mug is angled with jagged (not sharp) edges, distinguishing itself from other skull mugs.

    All Shima Ceramic mugs are made in Port Costa, California. The “Stay Out of the Forest” Skull Mug holds 14 fl. oz. of cocktail and it stands about 4″ tall. Each mug is signed and says “SSDGM” on the bottom.

    The mug is available now for preorder through the official Shima Ceramics website. It retails for $74, which includes U.S. Shipping. Preorders are expected to ship by the end of November.

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