Raiders of the Lost Tiki Mug By Shameful Tiki Room Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Images by The Shameful Tiki Room via Instagram

    The fifth anniversary of The Shameful Tiki Room may not be going forward quite as planned due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that isn’t stopping them from releasing their latest Tiki mug. The new mug is themed “Raiders of the Lost Tiki” and depicts crates and a barrel stacked haphazardly with a pick axe. 

    The new Tiki mug appears to feature a weathered brown glaze with some hand painted accents. The lid of the crate lifts up to reveal a Tiki face located within the main crate. The backside of the mug depicts a vintage lantern and a metal-looking shovel with a brown handle.

    Previous mug releases for The Shameful Tiki Room have been in-person only. It has not yet been announced if this mug will be available online, but we doubt it. Many bars, most recently the Jungle Bird in Sacramento, CA, are releasing Tiki mugs in-person only as a way to encourage patronage during a period in time when business has been severely impacted by current events. The Shameful Tiki Room does have an online shop built into their website however, so anything is possible.

    Additional information, such as capacity, price, and maker, have not yet been announced. Follow The Shameful Tiki Room on Instagram for updates.

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