Taboo Relics Announces a Space-Themed Mug

Image by Taboo Relics Tiki via Instagram

    The latest tiki mug from Taboo Relics Tiki is out of this world… literally! The Millie’s Light Year Lounge mug depicts a female astronaut floating outside a rocket ship. Moons and a planet also decorate the ship, along with the written text “Light-Year Lounge”.

    The mug is mostly glazed in red, black, and grey, with some other multicolored accents. The astronaut is Millie Michelle, a Viva East Tiki Goddess and pin-up model with a profile on Instagram. An official sale date has not yet been released, and we do not know how many of this mug will be produced.

    Taboo Relics also recently announced the FezBot5000 tiki mug, which will be available soon through Bachelor Pad Magazine. You can read more about that mug here.

    Will the Millie’s Light Year Lounge tiki mug be touching down in your collection?


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