Taboo Relics Creates New Tiki Mug Based On The Search For Tiki Logo

Image by Taboo Relics

    In celebration of The Search for Tiki reaching over 500,000 views, we have partnered with Taboo Relics to create an actual Tiki mug based on our purple Tiki logo that was designed by Scooter, also known as Scott Burroughs. The mug depicts a cylindrical shaped Tiki with a cheeky grin and a purple glaze.

    Our logo mug will be an extremely limited run of 30 or less. “The Search for Tiki” will be written prominently on the back of the mug, with several unique icons to accompany The Search for Tiki’s overall website theme.

   Taboo Relics creates original Tiki mugs and artwork out of Orlando, Florida. It is the creative brainchild of Franky Edwin. They have released a Hibiscus Purse mug featuring flowers with a bamboo-style handle and also a Piña Cannon mug that combines a traditional cannon with pineapples. The official Taboo Relics Instagram can be viewed here.

    Those looking to order the Search for Tiki’s Logo mug will have to wait a little while longer. The extremely limited run of mugs will be sold to supporters on Patreon only in December.

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