The Dead Rabbit, An Irish Bar Located In New York City, Releases Limited Edition Dr. Tiki Mug

Image by The Dead Rabbit on their Website

    Dr. Tiki Mug is a limited edition collector’s item designed to hold any cocktail. It was recently made available for preorder through The Dead Rabbit’s online web store and it is expected to start shipping in August or September of this year.

    The new mug depicts a rabbit face with a human body standing on a base the reads “Freaky Tiki”. It has a glossy red glaze and comes in a presentation gift box for collectors. It is a limited edition mug of 500 and it holds approximately 14 fl. oz. of cocktail. 

    The Dead Rabbit is an Irish taproom located on Water St. in New York. It is known for its exceptional hospitality, cocktails, and Guinness. 

    Preorders are available now within the US only via the official web store of The Dead Rabbit. Each mug retails for $38. Will you be adding Dr. Tiki Mug to your collection?


3 Comments The Dead Rabbit, An Irish Bar Located In New York City, Releases Limited Edition Dr. Tiki Mug

  1. Love this place and glad to hear they have a mug. It’s directly behind Fraunces Tavern ( a bar so old, George Washington used to drink there…true Story!) in lower Manhattan. Their drinks are amazing, as is the overall look of the place. So for what it’s worth, if you find yourself in lower Manhattan, and the world is normal again, go to these places! And to McSorley’s. And Beetlehouse. And Death & Company. And Otto’s Shrunken Head. 😉

  2. Hey Johnny : I’ve never been to any of those places, except for McSorley’s several times (always had a great time there), but….just curious, what’s your favorite drink at Otto’s ? I dig their website but was never able to get somebody to go there with me. Maybe the shrunken heads scared them. -Jim

  3. Rarely get to NYC, but was there for 2 days in 2016 – had to do Dead Rabbit. Such an incredible place! And very close to the Staten Island ferry, if you want to sober up afterwards!

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