Tiki Maniacs Lists Five Unique Artist Proof Tikizilla Cocktail Mugs For Auction On Ebay

Image by Tiki Maniacs via Facebook

    Those who missed out on Tikizilla, a Godzilla and tiki mashup mug, will be excited to know that some one-of-a-kind artist proof mugs have been listed for auction. The mugs were designed by Jeremy Harger and sculpted by Patrick Vassar for Tiki Maniacs. Monkey Skull produced them in the United States.

     The artist proof mugs are available in various shades of green and brown. Each has a uniquely colored lei and ukulele.

    Tikizilla depicts the epic motion picture monster Godzilla wearing a lei and strumming a tiki-styled ukulele. His monstrous tail wraps around his back forming a unique scorpion handle for the mug.

    Those looking to place a bid on one of the five artist proof Tikizilla mugs can do so on eBay. At the time of this writing, the highest bid is $152.50. Which of the five glazes is your favorite?

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