The Search For Tiki Annouces New Trouble In Paradise Cocktail Mug Designed By Doug Horne

Original Artwork by Doug Horne for The Search for Tiki

    Trouble in Paradise, The Search for Tiki’s latest collaboration with Doug Horne, has officially been announced. This ceramic cocktail mug is loosely inspired by the fighter planes of WWII. It was repurposed after the war to run rum, but the plane crash landed on an exotic island.

    Trouble in Paradise is going to be a limited edition of 150 mugs sculpted and produced in the United States. Patrick Vassar is sculpting the mug and Monkey Skull will be producing it. Doug Horne, the designer of this mug, creates original art and Tiki mugs out of Long Beach, California. His work frequently depicts animals, nautical references, and the Universal monsters.

    The sale date for this mug will be announced at a later date once a glaze has been finalized. Supporters of The Search for Tiki on Patreon will be given the opportunity to preorder Trouble in Paradise before anyone else, approximately 24 hours earlier. Those looking to preorder the Trouble in Paradise Mug will be able to do so via The Search for Tiki’s official shop.

    We believe in full transparency regarding our Tiki Mug preorders. If you have any questions regarding this mug, or any of our other Tiki Mugs, please feel free to contact us here. For those interested in our Satisfied Seal Mug, also designed by Doug Horne, we will be sharing more details soon. You can add it to your wishlist here.

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