An Official Update Regarding The Bad Kitty Tiki Mug From The Search For Tiki

Original Artwork by Doug Horne for The Search for Tiki

3D Sculpt by The Lost Idols Company

Mug Dimensions by Munktiki

    The Search for Tiki recently issued an update on the Bad Kitty Tiki Mug. The release date of the mug has been pushed back to accommodate production delays. The Search for Tiki emailed everyone who preordered a Bad Kitty mug a coupon code for a 10% discount on future purchases through December 31, 2021. The email reads:

    “Aloha and thank you for supporting us with your Bad Kitty tiki mug preorder.

    We are writing to inform you that production on the mug has been delayed. There are various reasons for this, but ultimately we underestimated the amount of time necessary to lock-in a matte glaze that we know you will love. Bad Kitty is our first large scale mug release, and we are determined to deliver a product that will satisfy.

    Communication is important to us and we want to keep you informed. The new anticipated release date for Bad Kitty is June 30, 2021.

    As a thank you for your patience and for supporting our first large scale mug release, we are giving everyone who preordered a mug 10% off everything in our store until December 31, 2021 [Coupon code removed for the purpose of this article]. This discount can be used on products we have released already, such as our Naughty Cat mai tai glasses, as well as products that will be released later this year. If you support us on Patreon, you can combine this coupon with your Patreon discount for a total discount of 20% off. At least two new products will be launching later this month.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at We are truly sorry for this delay and we cannot thank you enough for your continued patience and support. The tiki community is phenomenal, and we feel so fortunate to be a part of it.”

    We will continue to provide updates via e-mail and The Search for Tiki website.


2 Comments An Official Update Regarding The Bad Kitty Tiki Mug From The Search For Tiki

    1. UPDATE 10/01/2021: The Search for Tiki is excited to announce that Bad Kitty Tiki Mug is in the final stretch of production! Munktiki is putting the finishing touches on the mug before it ships out. Orders will be shipped in the order by which they were placed. However due to shipping delays at the border, we are unable to provide an exact shipping date for any one particular order. I found this on the website, though I did not personally receive an update.

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