Three New Mugs Celebrate The Book of Tiki by Sven Kirsten

Image by Tiki Farm via Facebook

    The Book of Tiki, by Sven A. Kirsten, was written 20 years ago in September of 2000. In celebration of the book, Tiki Farm and SHAG have partnered once again to release a new tiki mug called Mr. Cannibal in three different editions.

     Mr. Cannibal depicts a standing tiki holding onto and eating a copy of The Book of Tiki. It is a collaboration between Sven Kirsten, Josh Agle and Holden Westland. It will be sold in blue, red, and orange editions.

    The first edition (blue) will be at The Original Tiki Marketplace on September 12, 2020. This edition will be numbered out of 100 and will be certified by both Sven and SHAG for the price of $150 a mug. The first five mugs from this edition will be listed on eBay.

    The second edition (red) will also be an edition of 100 and will be released at the Shag Store. It is being sold as a set, with a matching SHAG print, for $250. An official date of release has not yet been announced.

    The third and final edition (orange) will be sold by Tiki Farm. This edition will be the largest (1000 mugs) and the least expensive at $75. Follow Tiki Farm on Instagram for updates, or subscribe to their newsletter.

    Which of the three glazes do you prefer, and will you be adding one or more of the Mr. Cannibal to your collection?

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