“Tiki From Hell” Produced By The Shrunken Monkey For Spooky Empire Features Devil With Horns

Image by Spooky Empire via Instagram

    Spooky Empire is about to reconvene in April and they are releasing a new mug for the event. The “Tiki From Hell” depicts a sly looking devil with horns. The mug has a matte red and black glaze with yellow eyes and white teeth. “Spooky Empire” is written on the back of the mug just above a pointed devil’s tail. 

    The Tiki From Hell was sculpted by Tanner Perks and produced in the United States by the Shrunken Monkey. It is a limited edition and numbered mug exclusive to Spooky Empire. The mug retails for $89 and is available for preorder.

    The Shrunken Monkey is a collaboration between artists David O’Connell and Emily Serpico. In addition to creating tiki mugs, they are Halloween enthusiasts and were featured on Syfy’s FaceOff.

    While this mug is being sold online, it is not available for shipping. Mugs must be picked up in person at the Spooky Empire event held on April 30 through May 2, 2021 at the Wyndham Orlando Resort. Mugs can be preordered through the official website of Spooky Empire.

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