Mid Mod Moai (Easter Island Head) – Odd Rodney – White

Mid Mod Moai (Easter Island Head) – Odd Rodney – White

Date of Release: December 1, 2019

Edition: White

Edition Size:

Designed By: Odd Rodney

Sculpted By: Odd Rodney

Manufactured By: Odd Rodney

Location Sold: Odd Rodney (at Tikiland Trading in Santa Anna, California)


This deceptively simple tiki mug design is a a Mid Century Modern version of an Easter Island head. Odd Rodney captures the essence of the iconic statue of Easter island in its simplest form relying on shadows to help tell its story. The design’s foundation is a cylinder with sharp cuts to form the “wedge” that creates the brow and cheeks of the statue. A simple rectangle defines the nose. At the base, the cylindrical shape “leans back”, which adds stability to the mug. It also creates an additional flat plane to represent the chin and mouth in shadow. The ears are simple low relief rectangular shapes. This mug is dependent on lighting and shadows to show its form and character, thus simple exterior colors (predominately white or black) were used.

Color: White exterior with different colored interiors

Material: Stoneware

Shape: Moai head



Capacity Size: 

Unique Markings: “Odd Rodney” is written on the bottom of this mug.

Original Price: $120

Typically Served With: 

Special Notes: A very limited number of these mugs were made with an exterior of orange, brown, and green. This is Odd Rodney’s first solo mug and is 100% made by Odd Rodney.

Average Value = $ 120.00

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Average Value = $ 120.00

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