Two New Glazes for West by Westgate Mug Made By Tiki Diablo

Image by Tiki Librarian (David Thorsrud) via Facebook

    Those who missed out on the West by Westgate tiki mug created by Tiki Diablo for TikiLibrarian are in luck; two new glazes were recently announced and listed for preorder. The two new colors are blue and yellow.

    Only 30 of each color variant are available for preorder, to help cover the initial costs of production. The remainder of the mugs will go on sale once the run of mugs has been completed, sometime in the Spring of 2021. Each color variant will be a limited edition run of 150 mugs and orders are limited to two mugs per shopper. Each West by Westgate retails for $135.

    West by Westgate depicts a Barney West carving that used to mark the Southgate mall in Sacramento, California. The first edition was a red variant of 200 mugs and can be viewed here. The original design sketch for this mug showed the tiki as “castrated” but the final product was designed intact due to popular demand.

    Those looking to preorder either the blue or the gold West by Westgate tiki mug can do so via TikiLibrarian’s official etsy.

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