Zombie Severed Skipper Coming Soon From Lost Temple Traders

Image by Lost Temple Traders via Facebook

    Lost Temple Traders and Patrick Vassar have teamed up again for production on the Zombie Severed Skipper ceramic tiki mug. The new mug is in the glaze testing phase, and Lost Temple Traders recently shared some of the possibilities via social media.

    Zombie Severed Skipper takes inspiration from a couple of different sources. The face of the mug pays homage to the original zombie from Night of the Living Dead, Bill Hinzman. The head can also be removed, drawing inspiration from Ren Clark’s severed head.

    The glaze tests revealed show the Zombie with several different skin tones and outfit colors. His face could end up being greyish-green, brown, or varying shades of blue. His hat and shirt will be either maroon, brown, or varying shades of green.

    Pricing and availability have not yet been announced. We speculate this mug will be produced by Monkey Skull, like Lost Temple Trader’s recently released 80 Fathoms tiki mug.

    Are you excited for the Zombie Severed Skipper and which glaze variant do you prefer?


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