Unleash The Power Of Pele With New Black And Red Decanter By Sven Kirsten And Tiki Farm

Image by Tiki Farm via their Official Website

    A new lava-textured example of female power was just released by Tiki Farm. The Power of Pele Decanter was designed by Sven Kirsten, author of the Book of Tiki, and it is inspired by a wooden statue from the defunct theme park “The Tikis”.

    Power of Pele is an open edition mug that has a black glaze with a red and black flame topper. It holds a whopping 38 fl. oz. cocktails and stands at an impressive height of 14½” tall. Sven describes the decanter as highly-stylized mid century Tiki art. The decanter was previously released by Sven Kirsten in a purple edition.

     Tiki Farm is the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of custom ceramic drinking mugs and barware products. Sven Kirsten is the author of the “Book of Tiki” and several other Tiki minded books that chronicle America’s obsession with Polynesia.

    The Power of Pele Decanter is available now for purchase through the official Tiki Farm website. Each decanter retails for $55. Will you be adding it to your collection?

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