Disney’s Jungle Cruise Attraction To Remain Open While It Is Updated In A Phased Approach

Image by Zach Riddley via Instagram

    Imagineer Zach Ridley recently shared some new Jungle Cruise concept art on his Instagram page, which revealed some interesting updates regarding the Magic Kingdom’s version of the world famous attraction. The attraction will allegedly be updated over time in a phased approach, as opposed to closing the ride for a complete refurbishment.

    This makes sense given the piecemeal layout of the Jungle Cruise, and it would allow the attraction to remain open for the currently anticipated July 30, 2021 release date of Disney’s Jungle Cruise big screen adaptation.

    The concept art shared by Zach Ridley depicts two chimpanzees calmly enjoying a couple of busted crates designed to house live butterflies. One chimp is holding a bug net, while the other monkey seems to be taking a bite out of a free flying monarch. Several glass jars containing insects are floating in the riverbank.

    The exact placement of the new Jungle Cruise scene is not yet known. Are you excited to see changes slowly be implemented on one of the Magic Kingdom’s most famous rides?

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