12th Anniversary Killer Ku Tiki Mug By Bosko and Frankie’s Tiki Room Comes In Blue Glaze

Image by Frankie’s Tiki Room via their Website

    Bosko has teamed up with Frankie’s Tiki Room for a special 12th Anniversary Killer Ku Tiki mug. The mug depicts a standing Tiki with gritted teeth and angular eyes and nose in Bosko’s signature style. The mug comes in a deep blue glaze.

    Killer Ku retails for $99 and is a Limited Edition of only 300 mugs. It is being sold online only with a limit of one mug per person. Killer Ku goes on sale Sunday, December 6th, at 12:00pm PDT.

    Bosko Hrnjak is a Southern California based artist. His contributions to the Tiki resurgence have been significant. In addition to carving full size Tiki sculptures and designing bars, Bosko is known for making high quality ceramic Tiki mugs.

    Frankie’s Tiki Room is a Tiki bar and casino located in Las Vegas that pays tribute to south seas exotica and modern primitivism. The interior of the bar was designed by Bamboo Ben. Numerous Tiki mugs are created exclusively for Frankie’s Tiki Room and limited edition mugs are released on anniversaries. 

    Those hoping to score the new 12th Anniversary Killy Ku Tiki mug by Bosko will be able to do so via the official website of Frankie’s Tiki Room.

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