80 Fathoms by Lost Temple Traders

80 Fathoms Tiki Mug Design Art

Image by Lost Temple Traders via Facebook

    Check out the recently announced tiki mug by Lost Temple Traders! The concept art for 80 Fathoms shows a submerged tiki with an open mouth laying on bedrock. 

    While only the design artwork for 80 Fathoms has been released so far, the mug has already been sculpted and glaze tests may be unveiled as early as next week. 

    Pricing, dimensions, and edition size have not yet been announced. Lost Temple Traders announced the mug on Facebook and Instagram with the description “This is the captain speaking. Welcome aboard. We are now underway on a production that will take us on a voyage of exploration through alcoholic liquid space. We’re excited to share more about this project as it becomes available. Make yourself comfortable, but please remain seated at all times. And no smoking please—the smoking lamp is out.”

    The mug is expected to go on sale in mid July. Those looking to preorder the 80 Fathoms tiki mug should keep an eye out on the Lost Temple Traders website.


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