Monkey Coconut by BigToe

Coconut Monkey Tiki Mug Design

Image by BigToe via Instagram

    BigToe does it again! He recently announced his latest project, a monkey coconut, on Instagram. It is a collaboration with Eekum Bookum and Strong Water in Anaheim.

    While the specific details of the mug are scarce, the mug depicts a coconut with a monkey’s face carved into it. Hand carved coconuts are beloved by many. This particular monkey has small black eyes and a toothy grin. The glaze appears to be matte brown, green and white on the outside with a shiny white glaze on the interior.

    The front of the mug has the bar name “Strong Water” written on it and the back of the mug has “Anaheim California” written on it in all capital letters.

    We imagine the monkey coconut tiki mug will be sold directly through Strong Water, but you never know during the age of COVID-19. We recommend following both BigToe and Strong Water on Instagram so you don’t miss out!


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