Order of the Golden Fez by House of Tabu

Order of the Golden Fez Tiki Mug Sculpt

Image by House of Tabu via Instagram

    This smoking baboon tiki mug just leapt to the top of our wishlist. Order of the Golden Fez was recently announced by House of Tabu alongside a video of the baboon mug actually “smoking”.

    The sculpt revealed for this ceramic tiki mug depicts a standing baboon wearing a fez and an Egyptian style crown. The statue could function as a canopic jar or a cocktail holder– though we prefer the later.

    These mugs will be produced in-house as an open series in small batches. It was designed by Ken Holewczynski of House of Tabu.

    House of Tabu describes the Order of the Golden Fez on their website: “This secret society was once one of the most celebrated fraternities of ancient times. Heads of state and high muck-a-mucks once were counted amongst its ranks. At the height of its popularity it suddenly vanished like the sands across a desert. Or did it?” They have also published a list of Ten Tenable Tenets which can be viewed here.

    We do not know when this mug will go on sale officially, but you can follow us on Instagram for updates.

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