Biggs Tiki Announces Launch Date For Medusa Tiki Mug Kickstarter Campaign in April

Image by Biggs Tiki via Instagram

    Dare you gaze upon the eyes of Medusa? The newest Kickstarter campaign from Biggs Tiki features a Medusa inspired cocktail mug available in two unique color ways. One Medusa will have a purple face with forest green snakes, while the other will feature a lighter, solid green.

     The Kickstarter campaign launches April 13 at 10:00am PDT and 1:00pm EST. There will be some optional pledge items for sale too, including twenty exclusive hand made Medusa shot glass sized mugs.

     Biggs’ previous Kickstarter Campaign, the Rummy Mummy, found 169 backers who pledged over $12,000 toward the project. Those mugs have all shipped and similarly came in two color ways. The tan/green edition can be viewed here.

    You can sign up to be notified of the Medusa Kickstarter campaign when it launches here. We expect more information will also be shared on the official Instagram page of Biggs Tiki. Which of the two Medusa mug glazes is your favorite?

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