Calling All Spirits by Jeff Granito

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Image by Tikiland Trading Co. via their Website

    Awaken your spirits with Jeff Granito’s new tiki bowl design, inspired by The Haunted Mansion! Recently announced by Tikiland Trading Co., this black and blue Calling All Spirits tiki mug will start shipping this Fall (2020).

    You can preorder this mug for the initial price of $139, or bundle it with Tiki tOny’s latest Hurry Back mug for $199 (for a total savings of $19).

    In addition to holding your favorite cocktail, this mug will feature a “garnish bowl” in its center accented by a stylized Madam Leota. Based on the concept artwork, you could use this bowl to implement flame effects using high proof alcohol or lemon extract.

    We don’t recommend waiting for this mug to materialize before purchasing it, because the price will increase to $165 at an undisclosed time.

Let us know in the comments what cocktail you plan on serving up in this mug when it arrives! We think our drink might include serpents, spiders and the tail of a rat.


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  2. In person this bowl is very disappointing. The clarity of the bad relief casting is definitely lacking, the enamel teal accent is very sparingly done on only one set of leaves, (4) around the bowl, and I question the food safe glaze with the texture where bacteria can cling. It’s over very underwhelming. The accessories that came along are great. But look again. Compare and contrast the concept art and the sparse finished product. I emailed and received a paltry reply expressing sadness that we were disappointed. How about making a more detailed, finished product.

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