Colonel Coconut’s New Cocktail Mug Has Snakes On The Brain; It Will Be Released On January 14th.

    You may have heard of Snakes on a Plane… but have you head of Snakes on the Brain? Colonel Coconut’s new mug depicts a snake coiled around a shrunken head. A part of the snake goes in one ear and it exits out the other side!

    The new mug goes on sale this Friday, January 14th, at 9:00am PST and 12:00pm EST through the official website of Colonel Coconut. It is an open edition mug produced in the United States that retails for $100. 

    Each Snakes on the Brain mug stands approximately 7″ tall and has an estimated capacity of 22 fl. oz. If you don’t want to wait until January 14 to add the mug to your collection, you can do so now on The Search for Tiki.

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